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Ace Logistics Stamoulis C. LTD, which is one of the rapidly grown logistics company in Greece,

is founded on commitment to people, innovation and quality control, which has allowed us to become a force on each and every field of our activities. Because of our ardent devotion and professional ethics, we rightfully have been identified as one of the leading companies in the field of custom clearance, freight forwarding and logistics. Being strong from our experienced, skilled and multifaceted trained stuff, we built the excellence of our operations and face the future with secure.

Should you require freight forwarding, customs clearance, transportation, warehousing, distribution or projecting cargo shipment, there is only one company you can rely on… “ACE LOGISTICS”.



Custom clearance services

In order to be able to offer a truly complete service package to our clients, we started our business, by creating a department of Professionally Licensed Customs Brokers.

Our 25 years experience in dealing and managing shipments which demanded high specialism and the excellent knowlegde of new Customs status, guarantees the high quality service in Customs clearance matters and ensures that your freight arrives to its destination in a timely fashion fully secured.

In order to give you a small sample of Customs Clearance Code, please find hereunder some valuable information.

  • Merchandise with origin within European Community are moving free without levy of duties and taxes – unless they are under status of Special Purchase Tax.
  • Merchandise with origin outside European Community can take one of the following Custom status:
    1. Import
    2. Bonded
    3. Export or re-export
    4. Completion for import or re-export
    5. Manufacturing for re-export
    6. Temporary import (Carnet ATA)
    7. Transit

At the following pages you will find analytically the minimum needed documents in each case and we will be more than happy to discuss with you any issue or clarification you may need.

Logistics Supply Chain

The past years the logistics have been developed rapidly in Greece. Our goal in ACE Logistics is to contribute-by using our excellent knowledge in the field of 3PL and 4PL- in the simplification of procedures and maximum ascription of our clients’s target.


We undertake transport by air, sea and road to and from all over the world. All procedures are conducted under excellent supervision. It is one of the reasons why all clients appreciate our work and the services offered to them, trust our judgment in any matter and often consult us for their questions and concerns.

Fiscal Representation

Under conditions and after special agreements with commercial companies abroad, we undertake their Fiscal Representation in Greece, since 2015.

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