Ace Logistics Stamoulis Constantinos LTD was established in April 2007 by Constantinos Stamoulis, Katerina Kaloniati and Makis Tsantalis with main goal to give their knowledge, their experience and longing for work at the disposal of each importer, or trader by suggesting the best solutions in supply chain management.

By staffing all departments with specialized and capable people with long experience in each section of custom procedures, in management of national and international transportation, we managed to create an up-and-coming name in Greek market.

On 27th of May 2008 Ace Logistics Stamoulis C. LTD accomplished another goal by operating the logistics and cross docking department in order to complete the chain of goods turnover. The approved warehouse is located in Aspropirgos, at Thessi Dyo Pefka, about 300 meters from exit 4 of Attiki Odos. Ace logistics warehouse is fully secured and supplied with the most streamlined means and staffed by experienced personnel in the field of warehousing, supply management and distribution of goods.

During 2010 ACE Logistics became member of WCA Family of Logistic Networks.

Upon 5th anniversary ACE Logistics achieved accreditation by IATA, which allows to provide competitive air freight rates.

By the end of 2013, ACE Logistics obtained Authorized Economical Operator (AEOF) Accreditation, in accordance to European Regulations related to Customs